Thailand Travel Tips

In November 2018, my husband and I travelled to Thailand for our “honeymoon” 9 months after getting married. The experiences that we had there were incredible and unforgettable. If you are looking to go on the perfect, cheap trip, Thailand is the perfect place for you.

Tips to prepare for your vacation:

1. Book your flight through Momondo. This app/website has the cheapest tickets that I have been able to find after much research. Our flights from LAX to Chiang Mai, Thailand were around $460 when they usually range from $700+.

2. Fly from popular international airport to get the cheapest flights. The closest airport to me is the Salt Lake City airport. Though this airport is an international airport, tickets from SLC to Chiang Mai ranged closer to $800+. Booking a separate flight from SLC to LAX then from LAX to Chiang Mai cost us a total of $620. This added some extra travel time and a little extra stress to our trip, but you decide if travel ease or a cheaper cost is your priority when travelling.

3. Make a travel itinerary booklet with all of your MUST DO’s and MUST SEE’s. This travel hack seriously saved my husband and I a few times on our trip. In this booklet, I put pictures of our passports, our day-by-day plans, a few Thai word translations, and a local currency chart.

4. Print out your airplane tickets and itineraries from the airline website. When we got into Shanghai, China for one of our transfers, the border patrol officers were hesitant to let us through because we did not have our full tickets printed out. I put screenshots of our ticket confirmations in our travel booklet, but I did not realize that would not be enough info for the officers to let us into China. Everything was eventually sorted out, but that resulted in us sprinting across the airport in an effort to not miss our flight. Luckily, we made it minutes before the plane was taking off. Avoid the sweaty airport running and PRINT YOUR TICKETS!

5. Pack light, especially when travelling to warm-climate countries. When packing for this trip, I wanted to have different outfits planned out for each day so that I could take a bunch of cute travel photos. The reality of it all though was that I ended up wearing my most comfy pieces over and over (don’t worry, they were washed in between uses!) The weather in Thailand is extremely humid and hot. The second you walk outside, you instantly start sweating. Instead of packing a bunch of unnecessary clothing, pack a few light items that you know you will feel comfortable in. Lots of Airbnb’s will have washers and dryers so take advantage of that and leave some extra space in your luggage to bring home lots of Thai goodies.

6. Book red-eye hours for your longest flights. Our flight from LAX to Shanghai was a 15 hour red-eye flight. This was the best time for us to travel because it was easier to fall asleep. I usually have a difficult time falling asleep on airplanes so booking a flight during a time that I would normally be sleeping helped me out immensely. I was only awake for around 7 hours of the flight, so it went by much quicker.

7. Bring peppermint oil or Tiger Balm for nausea and motion sickness. On the second-last day of our trip, my husband and I got some sort of sickness. Victor was throwing up and I was experiencing very bad stomach aches and nausea. We didn’t know if we had food poisoning or if we caught some sort of stomach bug. Whatever it was, it was not fun. At all. On the flight home, I constantly felt nauseous and sick to my stomach. Some people would say that letting yourself throw up is the best way to feel better, but that is the last resort for me. Instead, I sat and smelled a small container of Tiger Balm whenever I felt sick and that SAVED me! If you are prone to motion sickness, or just want to be prepared for a possible stomach bug, do this and you will thank me later!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about how to travel in Thailand on a budget and the details of our itinerary!


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