Homemade Shower Soothers

Are the Sunday Blues taking over your life?⁣

Commonly, on Sunday nights, people start to experience feelings of anxiety, sadness, and even depression. The overwhelming fact that the weekend is coming to an end and a new work week is beginning can ruin your Sunday night. If you feel this way on Sunday nights, or even multiple nights a week, I get it! You are not alone.⁣

Below is a super helpful article that can explain more of the reasons why you may feel so sad on Sunday nights and how to fix it. ⁣


Something that I have found extremely helpful on these despairing nights is taking a little extra time to pamper myself. These “shower soothers” contain soothing essential oils that help to calm your mind and body. With only 3 main ingredients, they are very simple, quick and cheap to make. ⁣

Just pop a few of them in your shower and allow yourself to relax and breathe. I like to put them in a spot on the floor of the shower where they aren’t under direct water. They will last a few minutes longer this way. You can also hold one close to your face if you want the smell to be stronger. ⁣Do not apply directly onto skin.

Store in an airtight container in a dry place. ⁣

The baking soda can be substituted for corn starch if you have that available.⁣


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